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About Bhim Chimoriya

Want to know about me: Smartest guy on the earth is what Bhim Chimoriya 
Hi everyone ! First of all I would like to thank you for visiting my website and taking your precious time to visit my about us page. 

Now its time to introduce myself (in short:  I’m fun loving guy,  nature walker, cloud chaser, night moon watcher,  tree hugger, animation movie watcher, lastly sun rise and sun set watcher)

Hi I am Bhim Chimoriya and the owner of wisenepali. It’s nice to meet you.
Everyone can agree that I am good fellow. Well I can say you that I am a responsible, hardworking and one of the most energetic, passionate  person on the earth that you have ever meet and I think this is the most strong point of mine. I always like to face with challenging task  and deal with it. There is one saying “The greatest teacher of your life is your own mistake” isn’t this true? Yes, you always learn from your past mistake. Now don’t think that who said these great words.  You already know my name.
I like to make many friends (opps not in facebook) I mean to say in real life. All of my facebook friends say that I am a funny guy and real life friends say that I have a good sense of humor. Well let me tell you truth , I always like to meet new people and do friendship with them I feel so comfortable with them and they too. You must be wondering why I like to meet new people well meeting new people makes me to share new ideas and interesting things about each other. I think that friendship is one of the most important part of human life. 

I have started my carrier in blogging and sharing my thoughts to worlds and I am on my way. I never knew that god has gifted me with the art of blogging until I created the website wisenepali.com. I am fully devoted on learning the new things in my life and share those unforgettable moment with you guys.

Besides my passionate on blogging there are many more others things that I love
  • My family
  • Movie (comedy movie, action movie, romantic movie)
  • Pretty girls, fun girls, nice girls, beautiful girls, cool girls also bad girls
  • Music from all categories (1940 to present) just kidding
  • Internet
  • swimming
For me nothing is impossible in life until I do it.

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Nobody will give you happiness in your hand. You should create it…

Bhim Chimoirya

You can Email Me:  info@wisenepali.com