Fashions Has Become Extremely Fashionable Nowadays.

Fashions has become extremely fashionable nowadays: Fashion in itself is probably not a bad thing.

What is difficult to understand is the meaning of fashion in the modern context. It seems that among the young fashion has come to mean anything which is new. The impatience of youth appears to have been spurred by the speed of development in all spheres of life. They are therefore anxiously eager for change. What form such changes take is irrelevant. This is painfully evident in the fashions in clothes and personal appearance among the young today. If it is different it is fashionable.

A quick stroll along the streets of city will give us an indication of the current trends in fashion. The extent of the influence of Western styles is obvious. The bizarre appears to be in vogue at present. Apparently attempting to imitate their popular rock stars our youth are trying very hard to outdo each other in looking as weird as possible. There was a time when girls kept their hair short and boys grew theirs long. At least then we knew what the style was. The creator would probably have a nervous breakdown if he saw what is being done now to the hair he so graciously put on man's head. Heads with hair of varied hues can be seen sailing down the streets. There are heads with hair only on one half, heads with just a tuft of hair hanging down the neck, heads with multicolored erect crests of hair running vertically from forehead to neck.

Whatever happened to the properly combed head of black hair? The clothes themselves defy description. Looking at a fashionably dressed group of boys and girls one would naturally wonder whether they were all from this planet.

"Change of fashions is the tax which industry imposes on the vanity of the rich". This little piece of wit and wisdom by Chamfort would hold true generation after generation. Ever since man found ways and means to clothe himself he has always tried to make himself look better. From footwear to headgear - all have seen numerous changes through the years. What our parents wore to keep themselves in fashion now seem queer and even funny to us. A few years from now we will probably look at photographs of ourselves and laugh at what we are wearing now. Of course, not everybody can afford to follow the whims of fashion. Those who can, do pay the price of their vanity.

The purpose which clothes were made to serve has now lost its original meaning. Clothes now have taken on a much wider meaning and significance. In modern times the magazines, unfortunately, appears to be judged by its cover. Different occasions demand different looks. Modern clothes, especially among women, seem to accentuate exposing rather than covering. Whether what is in fashion actually suits one or not is irrelevant. What is more important is that one should not seem to be out of fashion.

Fashion in itself is probably not a bad things. It helps an individual to build self respect. There can also be no harm in being well dressed. It is when one becomes a slave to fashion and begins to serve it without thought or reason that individuality and character are sacrificed.

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