Comparison and difference Western women and Nepalese women

Comparison and difference Western women and Nepalese women

Western women wear skirts, pants, vests, half pants, jumper, etc. Most of the western women are white physically but some are black also. Western women mean especially the European and American women. They are tall and fat. They have heavy bodies. Western women heavy boots, socks, jackets, etc. Western women are more educated forwards. They don't have conservative ideas. They decide their life themselves. Most of the western women are presidents, queens, doctors, engineers etc. They behave as men do. They never think themselves inferior. They are frank and popular among the friends and people.

On the other hand, western women don't respect to the elders as Nepalese people do. They can divorce their husbands in any time if the husbands want them. Western women never practice religious fasting as Nepalese Women do. They don't behave as they are women. Western women are not polite, obedient, honest and benevolent. They don't use ornaments, vermillion, glass beads, bangles etc. as Nepalese women do. 

Nepalese women have different nature, dress and behavior. They wear saries, blouses, petticoats, brass, Nepali blouse, slippers, sandals, shawls, light shoes. They have the faces like Indian ladies. Some of the Terai women are black also. Nepalese women wear earrings, rings, necklaces, nose rings, bracelets etc. Hindu married women usually take red dress, glass beads, vermillion, etc. They seem like Hindu goddess. They seem simple and obedient. Nepalese women respect elders more. They think husbands are the gods. They worship to God and Goddess. Hindu women take more religious fasting. They show their respect to the husbands so they wear white dress and never marry after their husband's death. Nepalese women want to live in religious rules and regulation. They also follow Vedic principles. They are more polite, obident, shy, simple and benevolent. Nepalese women are not backwards now. Some are political leaders, ministers, high ranking officials, doctors, engineers also. They are being educated. 

On the other hand , some of the Nepalese women are uneducated, illiterate and conservative. In some societies, people say that girls should not study because they go to the husband's house. In the village, parents send their sons to schools and campus and they send their daughters to forest and field to cut grass and collect woods. Girls are hated in the Terai belt because more money is spent in the marriage of the daughter's because of the dowry system. The poor parents have the burden to spend more money in the daughter's wedding. We have seen that they curse their girl children in the time of birth. 

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