Importance of Publicity in Marketing and Types of Publicity

Importance of Publicity in Marketing and Types of Publicity

Publicity is a vital part in the organization's promotion mix. Publicity is a communication about the organization or its products. The publicity material is communicated to the general public through the mass media. Publicity does not involve open costs.

It seems as if publicity provides free promotion for the organization and its products. In fact, publicity is not possible without good public relations that involve various types of costs. However, publicity is less expensive than advertising. 

Publicity provides more exposures to the communication since consumers are more interested to read or listen to neutral viewpoints than one sided advertisement. Publicity materials may provide more detailed information to general public that may help in building up the organizational image.

Importance of Publicity in Marketing your Products

  • To announce new products
    Publicity is a major tool to build public awareness about a new product. Many newspapers and magazines have special column dedicated to new products. The organization can develop strong consumer awareness by placing communication on those columns. 
  • To announce new policies
    Organization can use publicity to announce a change in the company policies. The organization may introduce new bonuses or incentives to resellers and communicate it through the mass media. Such communication help the organization to build its image as a good caretaker of its partners in the market.
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  • To announce technological breakthrough
    When an organization adopts a new technology, it may announce it to the general public through the mass media. Such communication help the organization to establish itself as a technological leader in the industry. If the organization has achieved any breakthrough in product research, it may also announce it through the mass media to prepare potential consumers for the product.
  • To report performance
    An organization may communicate its performance to the stockholders through the mass media. Such communication may be based on current problems, future prospects, future plans, financial situation, profits etc.
  • To counter negative rumors
    Competitors often spread negative rumors about the organization's financial health, management problems or product defects. Publicity is a very effective tool to counter those negative rumors.
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Types of Publicity in Marketing your Products

  • News releases
    An organization may issue news releases to mass media so that the media people can prepare interesting report on the new developments in the organization. A news release may be based on any positive developments, such as the introduction of a new product, adoption of a new technology, company mergers etc. The media people prepare interesting reports based on the news release and publish or broadcast them to the general public. 
  • Feature articles
    An organization may use the service of an expert or a journalist to write interesting feature on the organization and its products. Once the feature article is ready it is forwarded to a specific media for publication or broadcast.
  • Press conferences
    An organization may request business reporters from important media to attend special press conferences where the new developments are communicated to the mass media. Press conferences are more effective than news releases since it allows the organization's executives to interact directly with the media people. The reporters may be invited to tour the production facilities and personally observe the developments within the organization. 
  • Sponsorship of social events
    An organization may receive a very good publicity if it sponsors social events. Many organizations sponsor sporting events, cultural gatherings, seminars and symposiums to get favorable publicity in the mass media. Such sponsorships build an image of the organization as a socially responsive establishment. They also provide direct advertising medium.

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